Sunday, June 17, 2012

Mural Photography at Lower Tumon, Guam

You already noticed that most of my photographs are taken at Lower Tumon Guam. The reason is that it is the nearest place I go for a quick photo shoot. So check and enjoy some of my shots.

Unfinished Mural right across Guam Visitors Bureau

Mural in Hilton Resort & Spa

The last one is at the road going to Kmart. This is an epic fail shoot because it started to rain but I was still able to get at least one below.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hanging Out in CoffeeBeanery in Micronesia mall

If I don't feel like going home yet or would just like to sip coffee while browsing the worldwide web, I go to Coffee Beanery at Micronesia mall because it is the nearest one to where I live.

The baristas here are wondering because I always order coffee base drinks and also hot drinks. They wonder how do I manage to get to sleep after drinking coffee at evening. Well coffee is my addiction and yup I am a late sleeper.

Well enjoy some of the shots I got in CoffeeBeanery.

chilling out on a lazy Tuesday

Coffee hot hot!!!

One of the leading coffee shops here in Guam

Coffee time at Micronesia Mall Coffee Beanery

the barista's corner

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Fire Tree at Lower Tumon

Have been planning to photograph the fire trees in Lower Tumon and the ones that are in bloom are in The Reef Hotel and Hyatt. 

Fire Tree in Reef Hotel

The one in Hyatt which I took pictures after eating breakfast at Burker King right across Tumon Sands.

The images I took in Hyatt is a bit blurry. I guess the bright sun cause it or I am not just good yet at adjusting the settings for landscape settings.

In between shooting the fire trees I got some other pictures enjoy!

I am still shy in taking pictures of passing people. Probably that would be my next project. It would be nice if I can catch the emotion of those walking or jogging in Lower Tumon, Guam.