Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day In Guam

To all mothers I would like to extend my greeting Happy Mother's day!

Yesterday we celebrated Mother's day at Hilton Guam Resort and Spa.  And of course pictures while we were there!

Bon Appetit!!

As usual here is my "makulit" niece doing her thing.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Micronesia Mall in Guam


I decided to get my usual dose of Java at Coffee Beanery in Micronesia Mall instead of my usual Sunday coffee at Infusion.

While coming in I saw a co-worker and also passed by ABC store to check the price of my possible pasalubong but its kinda pricey will check some other possible pasalubong which is more lighter on the luggage and of course the pocket.

While walking can't help but point and shoot some pictures but I was hesitant on some because 1) its a public place and 2) I might be charge with taking pictures without permit.

So check out some below hope you like it:

Hallway going to the other side from Macy's Children and Men's section

The late Sunday scene at Micronesia Mall

The newly opened shop
Check out the newly opened beauty shop in Micronesia Mall

Shoes in Foot Locker
Red shoes at Foot Locker in Micronesia Mall

And more shoes in Foot Locker
Foot Locker Window

On display in one of the shops 

Predator vs. Alien

LIfesize replica of Predator on display in Micronesia Mall

Lifesize replica of the Alien on display in Micronesia Mall

This two metal sculptures from scrap metal usually from engine parts to utensils is so detailed and actually life size if you don't really check out out you might mistake it that its real. 

Facing Army Drive or Route 16

After getting my Sunday grocery was able to take some photos in the parking lot just outside Payless Supermarket. There is one section in Payless Supermarket that I wanted to photograph that is the vegetable section. I like how the tomatoes and all veggies are arranged. Next time I will take a photo and I hope the security wont stop me though.

Parking lot near Payless Supermarket