Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lower Tumon, Guam pictures

Lower Tumon, Guam pictures

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I have been planning to take pictures of Tumon along the San Vitores road and also the Tumon Bay. I got A chance this morning to wake up early, about 4:45 am, but to my disappointment the sun was not up early today. I contented myself taking pictures of the different places I have been in Tumon. The dim light makes it hard for me to get a good shot so I just click any chances I got.

Holiday Inn, I parked the pickup here. Its kinda safe here and that I was planning to walk along the beach but it was too dark

Bus shed in GuamThe bus sheds in Guam are now painted yellow with the words "Share the Love"

Tumon Business Center
This is the marker for the Tumon Business Center.

Here you can find the next pictures.

Bank of Guam Lower Tumon branch