Thursday, August 30, 2012

Kelly Mariano's 4th Birthday

Kelly Mariano's Fourth birthday celebration.

Celebrated my niece's 4th birthday just awhile ago at Capricciosa Pacific Place in Lower Tumon. We enjoyed pizza, seafood spaghetti, and combination of tiramisu and a squash base cake.

A birthday wish is made come true

What does it feel like to be photograph behind the camera?

Of all of us my niece, Kelly, was the happiest. It is so sweet to hear a word of appreciation from the mouth of the young one, "Thank you mommy for the party!"  
Happy fourth birthday Kelly!

We call this "sandok"

Tiramisu for dessert

Sta. Barbara Stained Glass & Old Town Chinese Restaurant

Some edited photos to bring out the best in them. Taken in Sta, Barbara Catholic Church in Dededo, Guam, USA and Old Town Chinese Restaurant at Guam Aurora Hotel in Tumon, Guam, USA.

Stained glass cathecism

The Light of the world

yummy treats

Yummy mint cookie ice cream

Rocks and plants garden

The chapel where weddings afre celebrated

Monday, August 13, 2012

Brunch at The Westin Resort, Guam's Seasonal Taste

Its a Sunday and this time we savor and enjoy the ambiance and the music at The Westin's Seasonal Taste.

Check out Seasonal Taste at The Westin's webpage and it has this to say: 

Seasonal Tastes

The Westin Resort, Guam proudly invites guests to dine at Seasonal Tastes, the first truly interactive restaurant on the island. Created on a unique open kitchen concept, Seasonal Tastes allows you to experience our chefs' personal service as they skillfully prepare your sumptuous meal right in front of your eyes. Surrounded by the tantalizing aroma of freshly baked breads and rotisserie specialties, your meal becomes more than just about dining, it becomes an experience engaging all your 5 senses. Enhance your traditional buffet dining with freshly prepared delights from our exotic tandoori oven, teppanyaki, sushi and sashimi stations as well as a rotisserie and built-in bakery. With a diverse array of flavorful cuisines, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

For the past few weeks I have been photographing food and I am liking it, could this mean food photography is my true line of photography? 

Well I have just started this hobby which nobody told me was addicting.  So without further ado here are my photo shoots at Seasonal Taste at The Westin Resort, Guam.

The Ambiance

The Food

The Entertainment

The View Outside

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunday Fun at Alize Restaurant at Guam Reef Hotel

My brother-in-law have his old college friend as a guest and we decided to try out Alize Restaurant for brunch and to our delight a magician and a Singer entertain us with the new setup of Alize  Restaurant. 

Enjoy the pictures I took below.

The Food!!!!

I was only able to get pictures of the sushi assortment because my mouth is already watering to eat the delicious dishes. Besides Sushi, Alize Restaurant also offers Chamarro & Filipino fusion food, Salad bar, Bread and other bakery products, an omelet station, and the new tempura station which only cooks what you choose to have a fresh and crispy tempura delivered to your table. Also don't forget the dessert comprising of various cakes, local sweets, the Pinoy halo-halo, fruits, ice cream, and small stuff you can dip in chocolate. Drinks range from soda, ice tea, fruit juices, coffee and tea. 

my plate with all the sushi I can get

one of the dessetrts at Alize Restaurant

Yummy sushi!!!

does any one know what you call this?

Sushi anyone?

I got some of this and it taste good!!

The mainstay entertainment provided by DST Music production with the owner singer Shirley performs and sings old time favorites and new hits while you enjoy the food and ambiance of Alize Restaurant.

Live performance from Shirley of DST Music Production
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The Performer

Also Mr. Fumio entertained the young and young at hearts with his balloon twisting and card magic. 

Mr. Fumio doing a dog

Mr. Fumio ask my niece to blow a ballon that turn into the ballon dog's tail

Mr. Fumio poses with the staff of Alize Restaurant

Card magic performance by Mr. Fumio

Mr. Fumio show at Alize Restaurant at Guam Reef Hotel

Mr. Fumio magic show at Guam Reef Hotel

The entertaining Mr. Fumio

Also enjoy the ambiance of Guam Reef Hotel inside Alize Restaurant & The Tumon Bay.

Kid's plate at Alize Restaurant

Miniature traditional Chamorro house

Miniature traditional Chamorro house

A view of the bay at Guam Reef Hotel

Beach view at Guam Reef Hotel

The beautiful Tumon Bay View at Guam Reef Hotel

Check out Alize Restaurant at Guam Reef Hotel by clicking here.